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Infrarot Induktion Fliegen Disco Bunte LED Ball Hubschrauber Spielzeug

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100% new high quality
Product Name: Color Induction Flying Ball
Body material: ABS plastic
Color: as shown
Size: 15.5 * 11 cm
Use usb charging cable
Charging time is about 30 minutes (red light when charging, turn off when finished) (red light when charging, turn off when finished)
Flight time: 6-8 minutes
Features: 1 function: rise, fall, induction control operation instructions.
No need for a remote control, the switch switch aircraft starts to rotate at a low speed, the speed will reach a certain increase and then take off! After the crystal ball takes off, it will fall to a certain height in the air, then the hand below the crystal ball, and the sensing distance will start to rise again.
Features: The internal color LED lights will be very beautiful after launch.
Function: up/down, LED lighting, induction
Control: Induction suspension
When you put your hand on the bottom of it, the flying ball will fly again.


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